Turn Your Kid's Art into Thank You Notes

Turn Your Kid's Art into Thank You Notes

With so many thank yous to send to friends and family following the holidays and zero store-bought options geared toward kids to be found, I decided to turn my daughter's artwork into little one-of-a-kind note cards. It's a great way to involve younger kids in the thank-you writing process and for older kids to show off their creativity. And it couldn't be simpler.

I started with some artwork I had previously saved and sat Elsie down to do some extra painting over the holiday break. It's a messy indoor activity, but she always loves going to town with her paint, crayons, and markers; and I'm always proud of her two-year-old version of modern art.

Watercolor paper works best for this with its extra texture and thickness, or you can tear off a big piece of rolled paper and just hang it up to dry post painting. Once dry, I looked for areas on the paper that had the most color or interesting strokes and cut out standard-sized note cards. (For the art done on the roll paper, I took an additional step and first glued it onto watercolor paper to create a sturdier card.)

I love the way the cards turned out, each a unique and mini work of art. Can't wait for family and friends to receive these and involve my daughter more fully in the thank-you card making and writing process as she gets older! 

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